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A Guide On Where To Shop In Jakarta, From Souvenirs To Luxury Shopping

Find the best places to shop during your stay in Jakarta

A Guide On Where To Shop In Jakarta, From Souvenirs To Luxury Shopping

Trendy Jakarta Mall

When it comes to shopping in Jakarta, the city never lacks for options. Navigating through these options, however, would require knowing what each of them have to offer. From souvenir markets to streetwear boutiques, here are the best spots to shop in Jakarta.

Best Streetwear Shops in Jakarta

1. The Goods Dept

Photo by: SilverKris

Founded in 2010, multi-label concept store The Goods Dept is a dominating force in the fashion and lifestyle scene in Jakarta. Its stores can be found at several shopping centres in South Jakarta, and they’ve even expanded their business to include F&B too. Offering recognised international labels to local brands, including their homegrown one, you will find plenty to browse through at The Goods Dept.

Lotte Shopping Avenue, Prof. Dr. Satrio St, Karet, South Jakarta City 12940

2. Footurama

Photo by: Studio 1212

Tucked in the basement of lifestyle compound COMO Park in Kemang, Footurama’s roots are firmly planted in the sneaker and streetwear community. It’s where serious hunters shop, as the consignment store and streetwear boutique is known to carry rare and unique fashion pieces you’d be pressed to find elsewhere in the city or even the country.

COMO Park Building, Kemang Timur St No.998, Mampang, South Jakarta City 12730

3. 707

Photo by: AssemblyDO

Carrying a tight curation of renowned international and local fashion brands, 707 dubs itself as the “purveyor of style & rarities to a discerning clientele”. Pieces here are catered towards a mature crowd, with designs that lean more towards subtle and muted instead of attention grabbing. 707 now has two stores in the city, and the one at ASHTA District 8 shares a space with its sister company and lifestyle retailer Art & Science, broadening the scope of items on offer.

Pondok Indah Mall, Metro Pondok Indah St, South Jakarta City 12310

4. Orbis

Photo by: Orbis

From a brick-and-mortar shop to online and now both, ORBIS has been through many phases since its establishment in 2005. Even so, it has retained a loyal following, and ORBIS’ sleek new store in the hip Panglima Polim neighbourhood is proof of its lasting popularity. The store’s founders were inspired by the graffiti and skateboard scene in the U.S., which is reflected in ORBIS’ growing curation of streetwear pieces.

Panglima Polim V St No. 38, Melawai, South Jakarta City 12160

Best Spots for Souvenirs & Window Shopping

5. Ancol Art Market/Pasar Seni Ancol

Photo by: Detik Travel

Covering a 5.25 hectare space, the Ancol Art Market is a cultural hub where numerous creations by local artisans are marketed to the interested public. From sculptures to paintings and caricature doodles, there’s no shortage of souvenirs to bring home from this market. And while shopping in itself can be fun, the Ancol Art Market offers even more entertainment by way of musical performances and live painting sessions.

Pondok Indah Mall, Metro Pondok Indah St, South Jakarta City 12310

6. Jalan Surabaya Flea Market: Old Coins & Antiques

Photo by: Planet Hotels

Stretched along Surabaya street in the upscale neighbourhood of Menteng are rare physical remnants of Jakarta’s past. It’s where antique sellers in the city congregate, with wares ranging from obsolete film cameras and sought-after decorated lamps to 19th century coins that survived through the Dutch colonial era. Make sure you haggle while shopping here to get the best prices—but don’t overdo it, most if not all of the sellers here have had to struggle due to the pandemic.

Surabaya St No.46, Menteng, Central Jakarta City 10310

Trendy Young Malls In Jakarta

7. Pasar Santa / Santa Modern Market

Photo by: Kadekarini

Before 2014, Pasar Santa was just another one of those wet markets and unfashionable malls where city dwellers would shop for fresh produce and other low-priced necessities. That changed when the young, creative communities of Jakarta started to set up shop at the humble mall and dubbed it as Santa Modern Market. Today, its early days glow have significantly reduced, but you’ll still be able to find shops selling vinyls, curated books, and fashionable thrifted pieces here.

Cipaku I St No. 1, Petogogan, South Jakarta City 12170

8. ASHTA District 8

Photo by: Ashta

On the opposing end of the spectrum to Pasar Santa is the sleek, new ASHTA District 8 in SCBD. Its contemporary structure reflects the city’s growing appreciation for open-aired green spaces, and intermingled between rows of notable brands and shops are areas where you can enjoy the sights of the city’s upscale business district—a hotspot for Instagram style influencers to take their fit pics!

Senopati St, Senayan, South Jakarta City 12190

Best Luxury Shopping In Jakarta

9. Plaza Indonesia

Photo by: Paradise Group

Since the early ’90s, Plaza Indonesia has been a beacon for luxury shopping in the city. Its polished image has remained through the years. Stepping in, there’s no mistaking the luxurious feel the shopping centre gives off. And with newer additions that continue to enhance the shopping experience like local multi-label fashion boutique Pillar, which carries pieces by distinguished Indonesian designers, it’s safe to bet that Plaza Indonesia will remain top-of-mind when it comes to finding luxury items in Jakarta.

M.H. Thamrin St No. 30, Menteng, Central Jakarta City 10350

10. Senayan City

Photo by: Paradise Group

The Senayan district and its surrounding areas offer an abundance of places to shop, one amongst which is the Senayan City. Honing in on the high-end lifestyle, the shopping centre carries as many as 23 luxury tenants in its seven-floors tall complex. From watches and diamonds to Italian fashion houses come together inside Senayan City to delight affluent shoppers in the city.

Asia Afrika St Lot 19, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City 10270

11. Pacific Place

Photo by: Smallwood

Smack dab amidst the bustling business district of SCBD, the nautical-themed Pacific Place is a hub where white collar workers from surrounding offices take their lunch and do their after-work window shopping—and there are plenty of options to browse through. Beyond globally-recognised fashion labels, you can also expect to find a selection of high-end audio gears and office needs at the towering shopping centre.

Jend. Sudirman St Kav. 52-53, Senayan, South Jakarta City 12190

Best Spots For Authentic Indonesian Wares

12. Pasar Baru

Photo by: Agenda Indonesia

Since 1820, Pasar Baru has been an important landmark in the city now known as Jakarta. It’s a witness to many historical events, including the mass migrations from other corners of the continent. As a result, cultures collide in this long-standing market, reflected in the products sold at the market. Indian saree sit side-by-side with Javanese batik, tailored clothing and a trove of Peranakan culinary mainstays.

Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta City 10710

13. Thamrin City

Photo by: Tren Asia

Both domestic and international tourists love shopping at Thamrin City. From batik to antiques and unique knick-knacks to bring home from the city can be found within the spacious shopping complex. There’s also Pasar Tasik or Tasik Market on floor 3A, where crafted goods—mostly muslim wear—by artisans from Tasikmalaya, West Java are sold. Come before lunch before stocks run out!

Kebon Melati 1, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City 10230

14. Tulisan

Photo by: Plaza Senayan

Started off as an art studio based out of a home, Tulisan has since grown to facilitate a community of artists to showcase and sell their handcrafted works. There are so many unique designs of fashion accessories to wall decor that you can buy as gifts for your loved ones—or yourself!

Plaza Senayan Level 3 No. 321C, Asia Afrika St No. 8, Central Jakarta City 10270
Ground Floor #24 Darmawangsa Square The City Walk, Darmawangsa VI St, Pulo, South Jakarta City 12160

General Tips When Shopping in Jakarta

  • While cash is still the safest way to go while shopping in Jakarta, most places (including street vendors) have begun accepting a QR-based digital payment called QRIS. Simply link your credit or debit card to a ride hailing app—another essential for travelling in Jakarta.
  • Bring your own shopping bag! Shops in Jakarta have started to move away from giving one out with your purchase, and it’s more sustainable and convenient.
  • Best to avoid buying branded items outside of official retailers altogether, there are too many fakes being passed off as otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Jakarta

Is Jakarta good for shopping?

As of April 2022, it’s been recorded that there are currently 80 shopping malls in operation within Jakarta. That should be a good enough indicator how much the city loves shopping!

What’s worth buying in Jakarta?

Local products, crafts and fashion pieces are undoubtedly the way to go. Not only for its cultural value, but also the fact that most items from global brands end up becoming more expensive when sold in Indonesia.

What should I buy back from Jakarta?

Batik pieces are unique to the country or shop for local designer pieces if you have the budget. Knick-knacks and dry snacks are also good souvenirs to gift your loved ones after a visit to the city.

Jakarta is a large city with numerous shopping spots dotting the area, you would be hard pressed to run out of options during your stay in the city. Explore to your heart’s content and be sure to befriend a local while here for an even better shopping experience!

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