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Visit The 15 Most Instagrammable Cafes in Jakarta

Discover the City's Most Picture Perfect Cafes.

Visit The 15 Most Instagrammable Cafes in Jakarta

Visit the most instagrammable cafes in jakarta

The coffee and brunch scene in Jakarta has bloomed in recent years. From selections of coffee and grubs to aesthetic interiors, each cafe has its own appealing signature style that lures in people with their cameras and curiosity.

With many places to choose from, here’s a curated list we’ve made of Jakarta’s notable Instagram-worthy cafes for you to visit on your weekends!

Trendy Instagrammable Cafes In Jakarta

1. Monsieur Spoon

Hinted in the name, Monsieur Spoon has an unmistakable French leaning. From the tiniest detail in decorations to the patterns on their chairs and tables, both of their indoor and outdoor spaces reflect a dynamic, tropical French look that lures in all cafe goers who’re a sucker for pretty things. Add to that the high glass ceilings and their range of French pastries, this cafe is a must-visit for anyone looking to fill up their tummy and IG feed!

Recommendation: Pastries
Senayan City Mall, Jl. Asia Afrika, Central Jakarta
Monsieur Spoon

2. Scarlett’s Cafe PIK

In a similar vein, Scarlett’s Cafe is another pretty place with pretty offerings. Inspired by the dessert scene in Korea, Scarlett’s Cafe offers aesthetically pleasing and decadent desserts. The most sought-after dish here is their poured tiramisu where you’re supposed to pour cream over it—giving an Instagram-worthy moment. But of course, there are a wide range of pretty desserts in Scarlett’s, from their puddings to fatcarons, everything is just so pretty!

Recommendation: Poured tiramisu
Ruko Golf Island Boulevard No. 31, North Jakarta
Scarlett's Cafe

3. Cafe Kitsuné

Being part of Kitsuné, the Japanese-French electronic music record and fashion label, Cafe Kitsuné Jakarta lies in the up-and-coming shopping centre, Ashta District 8. From their interior design to cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and French specialties can be found here. Their minimalistic design and earthy tones present a homey yet energetic ambience, as electronic music accompanies you in the background.

Recommendation: Matcha Latte, Matcha Cake
Ashta District 8, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, South Jakarta
Cafe Kitsuné

Instagrammable Cafes In Jakarta With Great Outdoor Spaces

4. Coffee Dia

Recommendation: Coffee, Mini Bento Cake (Early Grey)
Taman Daan Mogot I No. V, West Jakarta
Coffee Dia

Coffee Dia is basically a humble house with a wide garden. Their wood interiors and wide glass windows sets a warm and homey ambience, perfect for coffee break and brunch. Here, their wide garden is not only for show, you can have a picnic with your friends out in the garden—perfect for Instagram shoots! Essentially, Coffee Dia makes you feel like you’re at home.

5. Kopi Nako Daur Baur

Recommendation: Iced Kopi Nako, Yuzu Telang, Pisang Nako
Senayan Park Mall, Jl. Gerbang Pemuda No. 3, Central Jakarta
Kopi Nako

With a view that overlooks a lake, Kopi Nako Daur Baur is one destination for a sip of coffee and an exquisite view of the bustling metropole. Their outdoor space includes a constructed deck that extends out to the lake, while their second floor lets you have a whole view of the lake and beyond. If you want to get more in touch with nature, Kopi Nako is a must-visit instagrammable cafe in Jakarta!

6. Ecaps

Recommendation: ECAPS Pappardelle Beef Ragu, Bakmie Maju Jalan, Escap(e)
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 17, South Jakarta

Re-used fruit crates and upcycled waste might not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Instagrammable decor, but Ecaps makes it work. Half-hidden behind a luxury furniture store, this Jakarta cafe pairs their mission for sustainability with an eye for design. The result is a unique interior that would tempt anyone to take a picture of and a comfy, mini garden-like outdoor area worthy of a social media update or two.

Fancy Jakarta Instagrammable Cafes


If you’re looking for an elegant cafe ambience, then Alice is the place. The cafe is popular for their afternoon tea set, which includes a birdcage-esque tiered tray that is filled with pastries and confectioneries, all beautifully made. From their sophisticated decor to the intricate design of their savoury and sweet delights, every part of Alice is alluring. Get your cameras ready before you dig in!

Recommendation: Afternoon Tea Set
The Langham Hotel, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, South Jakarta

8. Rosé Gourmand Deli

Rosé Gourmand Deli is The St. Regis Jakarta’s interpretation of a European delicatessen, where coffee, desserts, groceries and wine are offered within the same place. There’s an unmistakable feminine charm to the place, as marble accents combine with pinks to further highlight the eye-catching items on offer. It would be hard not to take a picture!

Recommendation: Coco Mango, Banoffee
Rajawali Place, Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said No.Kav No.B/4, South Jakarta
Rosé Gourmand Deli

9. Sofia At The Gunawarman

It’s hard to pin down what Sofia At the Gunawarman specialises in, but it’s easy to see that they have gone all out when it comes to decorating their place—so much so that it might seem a little bit intimidating at first. But underneath it, many have said that the relaxing atmosphere could make you easily forget all that. So settle down, take a pic, and tell everyone that you’ve had a meal at Sofia to boost your social credit.

Recommendation: Apple Crumble Mille Feuille, Iga Bakar Sambal Matah
The Gunawarman, Jl. Gunawarman No.3, South Jakarta
Sofia At The Gunawarman

Rooftop Cafes with Instagrammable Views of Jakarta

10. KOBAin Coffee

KOBAin Coffee on top of Sarana Square proves that rooftop views in the city can also be accessed without fussing with reservations, minimum charge, nor a hefty price tag. Offerings are simple, consisting of coffees and mocktails, main courses and a number of finger foods. Pick whichever suits your fancy and enjoy the instagrammable view of Jakarta!

Recommendation: Toffeenut, KOBA Aren, Chicken Steak Brown Sauce
Sarana Square, Jl. Tebet Barat IV No.20, South Jakarta
KOBAin Coffee

11. Atap Rumah Cafe

With picnic tables and a number of sharing menus, Atap Rumah Cafe is the kind best enjoyed with a group of friends. But even alone, it’s also well suited as a nook where you can partake in the growing Work-From-Cafe trend in the city while being spoiled with a gorgeous view and a spread of authentic Indonesian food. Take a few pics to commemorate the moment while there!

Recommendation: Mie Goreng Tek Tek, Apple Sky
Casa Living Senayan, Jl. Penjernihan IV No.9, Central Jakarta
Atap Rumah Cafe

12. La Boheme

Part of a boutique hotel in the busy Setiabudi area, La Boheme’s rooftop cafe on the fourth floor is the perfect respite amidst the hustle and bustle of Jakarta city, treating diners to a diverse spread of dishes, picture-worthy cups of coffee, and even signature cocktails. It’s also great for those hunting for photo spots, thanks to its Instagrammable view and decor. And if you find it hard to leave, you can always book a room downstairs!

Recommendation: Bohemian Platters, Chicken Caesar Salad, Bohemian Burger
Jl. Setia Budi Barat No.18, South Jakarta
La Boheme

Insta-worthy Minimalist Cafes

13. Mineral Cafe

Recommendation: Mushroom Chicken Toast, Butter Maple Toast, Jeruk Yakult
Jl. Gandaria Tengah III No.17, South Jakarta
Mineral Cafe

Undone concrete walls, repurposed tables, white-washed exterior without frills, and a simple logo, the minimalism of Mineral Cafe is both a reflection of its down-to-earth identity and its mission for sustainability. Finding its home inside a minimally-renovated old house, the cafe knows how to make these design elements work without compromising the blueprint. Add to that the delicious brioche range and its selection of herbal drinks. The result: plenty of photo opportunities worthy of your IG feed!

14. Dia.Lo.Gue

Recommendation: Spicy Dialogue Pizza, Kwetiaw, Ice Blended Oreo
Jl. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 99 A, South Jakarta

Designed by renowned Indonesian architect Andra Matin, there’s no denying the appeal of Dia.lo.gue’s architecture. You’d find yourself taking pictures even before the meal arrives at your table! Moreover, Dia.lo.gue’s cafe section is just one part of the artspace. Most days you will be able to find an exhibition from local artists, many of whom congregate around the same hip Kemang neighbourhood the artspace is located in.

15. Teru

Recommendation: Gyu-Sando, Chawanmushi, Teru Honey Bread
Jl. Barito I No.19, South Jakarta

Relatively new on the block, Teru embraces Japanese minimalism. Light wood accents and white walls accented by greeneries are the dominating features here. The same Japanese theme is also reflected in the menu, which surprisingly goes beyond what you’d expect from a cafe by adapting fine dining philosophies in its plating. Don’t forget to take a snap before digging in!

Exploring cafes in Jakarta is a good way to discover the city and it’s culture, as it’s where a variety of different communities come together, whether for work or a casual hang out.

It also provide its visitors with plenty of photo opportunities, so now that you have this curated list of instagrammable cafes in Jakarta, enjoy cafe hopping!

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