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21 of the Most Instagrammable Photo Spots in Jakarta to Visit

Find the Best Instagenic Spots in Jakarta

21 of the Most Instagrammable Photo Spots in Jakarta to Visit

Discover the most Instagrammable photo ops in Jakarta

Being the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is more than just tall skyscrapers and bustling streets. Recently, the city has been collecting a massive list of amazing photogenic spots and sceneries. With different highlights ranging from culinary lessons, historical sightseeing, chillin’-and-drinkin’ to green spaces, picking the right one could be challenging. Here, we’ve compiled the most Instagrammable places in Jakarta.

Chapter 1

Instagrammable Cafes in Jakarta

1. Toko Kopi Klasik

True to its name, which directly translates to “Classic Coffee Shop”, Toko Kopi Klasik is a classic choice when it comes to Instagrammable cafes in Jakarta. Brutalist architecture is the defining characteristic of the café, reflected in the unembellished walls and eye-catching structural elements. Book a visit and enjoy this out-of-the-world cafe, you might be tempted to take a selfie!

2. WŌRK COFFEE Indonesia

WŌRK COFFEE Indonesia’s industrial-style space blends seamlessly with the neighbourhood that surrounds it. From its low rooftop, you can see the wild-growing trees that dot the landscape, a picturesque view that becomes breathtaking during the golden hours. Combine that with the attention-grabbing roastery in the centre, you’ve got yourself a spot to take your best shots. The café also has a mind for sustainability, which means no takeaways without bringing your own utensils. But who would want to leave, anyway?

3. This Earth

Up for some sweet treats while looking out at the sea? Well, This Earth could be the cafe for you. Tucked inside a crescent shaped building, enjoy your time tasting unique cold beverages and sugary desserts, such as Kakigōri (a Japanese shaved ice dessert), toasts, or fruit juice. Remember to take a picture before you eat it! Afterwards, stroll down the beach – ideally during sunset!

Chapter 2

Galleries and Museums with Great Photo Spots

4. Museum Macan

Museum Macan, also known as The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara, has become one of the best photo spots in Jakarta for art enthusiasts. Opened for the public in 2017, the museum has showcased outstanding exhibitions from local and international artists. Aside from indulging beautiful contemporary art, you can enjoy special programs and activities, such as workshops to create your personal masterpiece.

5. Museum Nasional

Located in the heart of Jakarta, Museum Nasional takes you deep into Indonesia’s long history from prehistoric ages until today. Preserving about 141,000 objects, the museum covers centuries of Indonesia’s archeology, ethnography, and historical relics. Once setting foot in the museum, you’ll immediately be able to capture the displays of objects from Indonesia’s islands. Explore this museum and fill your photos with moments from the country’s illustrious history.

6. Rohproject

If you’re looking to retouch your Instagram feed, ROH projects (or simply ROH) could be your answer. Used to be a moving art gallery, ROH now resides permanently in Central Jakarta. Divided into two sections, you’ll be able to snap good pictures of the art exhibitions with simple white walls or a unique construction background. Perfect for solo visitors or small group tours!

Chapter 3

Instagrammable Areas to Visit

7. Old Shanghai Jakarta

Old Shanghai Jakarta is one of the city’s recently established Instagrammable areas to visit. Filled with Shanghai-inspired architecture and artistic murals, you can easily snap and save a good picture. Aside from being a hidden photo spot in Jakarta, there are also food markets, cosmetic shops, and a game center for kids. Bringing cash isn’t necessary, since most of the tenants only accept cards and online payment.

8. La Riviera

While Old Shanghai takes you to the eastern part of the world, the riverside shophouses of La Riviera take inspiration from European villages, where visitors can enjoy strolling – or boat riding – along the river while having a look around its offerings. Remember to put it on your wishlist and have your friends and/or family join the fun!

9. Mangrove Garden

For an unforgettable Instagramming experience with mother nature, the Mangrove Garden could be the perfect choice. Located near Jakarta’s seacoast, you can find the natural habitat for tropical shrubs, along with the ecosystem of water birds. All it takes is your phone camera and the refreshing scenery is ready to wash your worries away.

Chapter 4

Aesthetic Restaurants to Fuel Up

10. Sushi Hiro

Looking for delicious Japanese food with an interior to match? Sushi Hiro might be the answer you need. Serving a new fusion of sushi, the place also pays special attention to the decor, where wood accents dominate inside what appears to be a traditional Japanese house. Above your head, you’ll find white flower ornaments made of paper, adding elegance and class to the restaurant.

11. Moon Chicken

When in the mood for Korean fried chicken, you could never go wrong with Moon Chicken. Not only is it good for meals with friends and afternoon snacks, you can also pamper your inner photographer with the restaurant’s futuristic vibes. The sight of silver furniture, electronic wall sticker displays, and UFO-shaped lights is bound to tickle your sci-fi senses.

12. Surgana Rasa

If you’re into traditional Indonesian dishes, try visiting Surgana Rasa. Here, you can find all sorts of delicious local cuisine. What’s more, the restaurant interior will most likely find its way to your photo feed. Known for its elegantly majestic concept, the restaurant holds a lot of seating areas inside nooks designed like classic traditional houses.

Chapter 5

Must See Architectural Landmarks

13. Museum Fatahillah

Museum Fatahillah should definitely be on your list of Instagrammable spots to visit in Jakarta. Resembling the Royal Palace Amsterdam, this historical museum has become a haven for displaying the city’s founding history and is in itself part of it! The collection reflects various cultures of other countries that have had a presence in Indonesia, such as the Netherlands, China, and India. While piling up photos of the amazing museum, don’t forget to pick the perfect selfie spot as well.

14. Jakarta Cathedral

Like cathedrals in Europe, Jakarta’s Cathedral shows a similar neo-gothic leaning when it comes to architecture. Composed of thick and tall brick walls, you’ll immediately notice the church’s interior forms a cross. Stepping further in would also reveal the church’s three altars, surrounded by paintings of the Stations of the Cross on its walls. Be sure to bring your camera with you to take the perfect instagram shot!

15. Istiqlal Mosque

Across from the church, lies the Istiqlal Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia. With a capacity of up to 120,000 people, this remarkable building has held various Islamic celebrations in Indonesia. Inside this enormous contemporary structure, you’ll be amazed at the famous main prayer hall, surrounded by tiers of balconies – just don’t forget to take off your shoes!

Chapter 6

Modern Rooftop Bars to Chill at

16. Henshin

Searching for a high angle to capture the whole city? Then, try chillin’ & drinkin’ at Henshin, Jakarta’s highest rooftop bar. Nestled in one of the city’s tallest buildings, you might have the chance to spot the mountain all the way to the sea. Nothing can beat the feeling of enjoying cocktails and looking out at the amazing panoramic view.

17. Cloud Lounge

Whether you’re looking to enjoy another beautiful view or taste rows of drinks, Cloud Lounge is the perfect spot! Decorated with large couches and marble tables, this luxurious rooftop bar also allows you to see and capture the gorgeous skyline wherever, whenever. Aside from that, get ready to be amazed by the bar’s collection of spirits, wines, and beers, catered for all guests.

18. K22

Perched on one of Jakarta’s finest hotels, K22 provides open-air bars and dining spaces. Amid lush tropical greeneries, you’ll get to delight in the stunning skies and refreshing breeze. Additionally, a range of delicious dishes, from international, local to vegan, await your call. Don’t forget to take some aesthetic shots with your friends or family.

Chapter 7

Jakarta Best Eco-Friendly Parks

19. Tebet Eco Park

For photo spots that are close to nature, Tebet Eco Park could be your calling. Dedicated to the people and the environment, the park is where the two come together as one. Aside from the healthy greenery, you can also see renaturalized rivers and plant conservatories. The diverse areas inside the park provide so many photo opportunities, so don’t miss that visit!

20. Menteng Park

If you’re looking to shop after a good exercise and get something to post on your social media too, check out Menteng Park. Nestled in the city’s heart, some of the city’s most popular shopping malls are within a walking distance from the park. The park has literally got it all, outdoor playground, gym equipment, basketball court, and soccer fields. In fact, it also has two glass houses where people can do photoshoots or exhibitions.

21. GBK City Park

Near the city’s stadium, another green open space called GBK City Park can be found. With wide fields of grass, you can enjoy a nice picnic with friends and family. The park has also got a little trail for jogging and walking. Benches are available, so you can sit comfortably and take photos of the high-rise buildings in the background.

Nothing beats a snap of good pictures to cherish the sweet travel experience, whether alone or with loved ones, especially when Jakarta offers amazing photo-friendly spots. So, always be ready with your camera or phone to make a fun Jakarta trip worthwhile!

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