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The 7 Best Facial Oils for Dry and Sensitive Skin

The comprehensive guide to the cult-favourite skincare product keeping us glowing

The 7 Best Facial Oils for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Facial Oil for dry skin

Few products feel as they promise. For those of us with dry skin, the soothing (not to mention luxurious) feeling of applying a facial oil as part of your skin prep is just *stunning*.

If you’re often left feeling let-down by moisturiser alone, live in a dry climate, or just can’t seem to keep your hydration levels up, facial oils are probably your answer. Below is our breakdown on the skincare hero: what it is, how you should use it, and our guide to the best facial oils for dry skin that money can buy.

What Are Facial Oils?

Facial oils are made up of a range of naturally occurring oils, like rosehip and jojoba. These oils are derived from plants and work in tandem with our skin’s own oil production. The technical term for the ingredients found in those tiny bottles is emollients. An emollient is a skin softener and hydrator that works on the outer layers of our skin, instead of absorbing fully. This means they’re not a moisturiser and shouldn’t be considered as such, but they do play a separate, integral part in our skin’s hydration.

What Do Face Oils Do?

Think of facial oils as your moisturiser’s lock and key. On their own, facial oils add moisture to skin, but only at a superficial level. They also soften the feel of skin, soothe sensitivity and reduce inflammation.

Their real power though lies in what they do for our other skincare products. As an emollient, facial oils seal the outer layers of skin and hold in water (and all the other nourishing ingredients you’ve used).

Benefits Of Face Oils

A balance of water is essential for skin’s moisture. Facial oils act as a barrier to keep water levels in. Apart from hydration, there are a whole list of benefits to be gained from the ever-growing range of this skincare product:


With the inclusion of omega fatty acids, facial oils help to reduce redness and inflammation. This means (with the right targeted treatment) that they can work to ease eczema and sensitive skin.

Natural source of vitamins

A lot of facial oils feature specific vitamins with targeted abilities, but they all naturally contain them. Why is this a good thing? Vitamins build up our skin’s resilience to signs of ageing, and to external stressors like sun damage and pollutants.

Compatible with our skin

It’s important to work in tandem with your skin – this means using natural, organic ingredients that don’t irritate or disrupt your natural skin cycle. Facial oils are similar to our own production of sebum – the oily substance produced by our glands. This means they’ll work together to both regulate oil levels and deepen moisture levels.

Where Do Face Oils Fit In Your Skincare Routine?

Facial oils are the sealer-in of all things great skincare. You want to use them as the fifth step of your skincare routine, because the barrier that oil creates will stop the benefits of serums from absorbing fully. For moisturised and hydrated skin, follow these steps for your morning skincare routine:

Cleanse using lukewarm water. Hot water will only further irritate dry skin

Exfoliate two times a week to encourage skin renewal

Apply serums directly after showering, to allow maximum absorption

Moisturise with a deep or daily moisturiser

Apply face oils as a final soothing treatment & to lock in all of the above

Finish with SPF and a hydrating spray and you’re ready for the day!

For your nighttime routine, add a couple of drops of facial oil to your overnight moisturiser or masque for added nourishment, or pat onto clean skin before bed.

How To Apply Face Oils

Because of their silky texture, facial oils are a great opportunity for circulation-massaging.

  1. Apply a few drops and warm between clean hands.
  2. Smooth across your face to lubricate skin, and then begin by moving fingers from the edge of your nose to the height of your cheekbone, in line with your eyebrows.
  3. Make the same motions at your jawline and across your chin, always pulling upwards. For your forehead, massage the product in an outwards motion.

The Best Facial Oils For Dry Skin

1. Luxury Face Oil


This cult-favourite combines Jasmine and Calendula oil for maximum hydration. Topped off with nourishing Vitamin E for good measure, this formula took over a year to develop. Use if you like botanical fragrances in your skincare.

2. Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil


As far as single-ingredient oils go, Marula does some of the best work for those with dry skin. This cold-pressed oil is rich in antioxidants and omegas 6 & 9 to ensure hydrated skin. Use if you prefer lightweight textures (you’ll still feel its effects immediately).

3. Pure Australian Jojoba


Jojoba oil is the closest wax-oil hybrid to our natural production of sebum. It shares the same molecular structures as our own oils, and this liquid gold makes a difference without leaving a residue. Use if you love multi-use products – aside from the face, Jojoba can be used on hair, nails and all over body.

4. 100% Pure Argan Oil


Argan oil is an essential source of fatty lipids and acids. 100% organic and non fragrant. Use if you’re also looking to reduce blemishes – Argan oil helps to protect and heal skin.

5. Noni Glow Face Oil


Australian-made Kora is a brand worth investing in. This oil combines a cocktail of different oils, including rosehip, pomegranate and sea buckthorn. Made specifically for dry skin. Use if your #1 goal is that coveted glowing skin.

6. Rosehip Bioregenerate


Pai have sourced their rosehip oil through C02 processes, to ensure maximum potency. Which is great, because rosehip is filled with a high vitamin count. Use if your skin verges towards the sensitive side; everything in this bottle is ultra-pure and organic.

7. Óleo Para a Face | Kaya Anti Aging Face Oil


Filled with FIVE different nourishing oils, including Kaya, Cacay, Baobab, Babusu and Brazil nut. This gorgeously packaged elixir also contains Murumuru butter, which deeply hydrates skin. Use if you would like to focus on anti-aging benefits.

Have you tried using a face oil to remedy dry skin? Let us know if you have any favourites!

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