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Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review

Take the plunge into summer with Isle of Paradise’s Self Tanning Drops

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops Review

Whether you’re jet-setting off to a summer holiday, have a special event on, or just want to bronze yourself up a little, fake tan has always been a saviour.

For a while, the tricky part to tackle was attempting to tan your face, without interrupting your skin care routine.

However, since Isle of Paradise’s Tanning Drops have come into our lives, we’ve been able to master the art of tanning and skincare in one.



+ Buildable
+ Clean formulation
+ Healthy way to develop tan


– Small bottle especially if you’re trying to tan larger areas


4/5 ★★★★☆
Super customisable tan that can save us over the winter periods to maintain a healthy glow all year round

Tanning Drops Product Snapshot:

Tanning Type: Tanning Drops
Best for which skin type: All skin types
What it does: Develops a tan over daily use.
Price: $43
Volume: 30ml

What Are Tanning Drops?

Self tanning drops are a healthy way to bronze your skin as the ingredients are made specifically for your face. Rather than applying straight to the skin like you would with regular fake tan, these drops are designed to be added into your favourite moisturiser or face oil. In a similar bottle to a serum, the drops are to be mixed in to create your own concoction

Isle of Paradise’s tanning drops come in three different shades – light, medium and dark. Although, you can essentially choose the desired colour depending on how many drops you add into your moisturiser. And the best thing is that there is no need to worry if you think you’ve added too much. The formula has been designed to be non-reactive, so gals with sensitive skin, you aren’t missing out. Infused with chia seed, coconut and avocado oil, the drops give you a great colour and help to hydrate the skin.

Do Tanning Drops Really Work?

Trying new products can often be a daunting task leaving you wondering if it’s all worth the hype. But let me tell you, Isle of Paradise self tanning drops are the key to a healthy glow. They will make you look like you’ve been lying on a tropical island for days.

It’s hard to believe that in a few short hours, a clear liquid is able to give you the bronzed look you are so desperately wishing for. This is because the drops, much like other tanning products, are infused with dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is essentially an active tanning agent that darkens overtime. This is why it’s so important to trust the process and avoid applying too many layers because the product doesn’t show up right away, but rather develops over the course of 4-8 hours.

Our First Impressions Of Isle of Paradise’s Self Tanning Drops


The Isle of Paradise self tanning drops come in a small bottle with a dropper making it super functional. With the light shade coming in peach, medium in green and dark in violet, the packaging for the drops are playful and fun, reminding you of summer. Although the product is 50ml, a little can go a long way, which is great because it can easily fit in skincare or makeup bags when travelling.

Dries quickly

There is nothing worse than applying fake tan, only to wait what feels like hours for it to dry so that it is not sticky. With these tanning drops, your face is dry within the same amount of time that it takes for your moisturiser to dry, which generally is only around 10 seconds. This means you can tan and then hit the pillow essentially straight after the application.


Many fake tans have the infamous, funky smell to them that can sometimes put you off tanning. However, this is not the case with these tanning drops. The drops on their own have a light, natural scent, but once they are added to moisturiser, the scent of your cream often takes over.

How To Apply Isle of Paradise’s Tanning Drops

For the best results, ensure you have cleansed and exfoliated your face so that you are applying the tan to fresh skin. Now it’s time to make up your concoction, mixing in the drops to your favourite moisturiser. Isle of Paradise suggests using 1-12 drops, but speaking from experience, it’s best to start off with a small amount so that you match your face to the rest of your body. Ultimately, you need to experiment with your own skin tone and find out how many drops works best for you and the colour you desire.

The mix of your tan drops and moisturiser can be applied with your hands, keeping in mind that you should be evenly spreading the product on your face and down your neck. Ensure you wash your hands after applying as no one likes patchy hand tan. Another option is to blend your mixture with a clean beauty blender or brush, just like you would with foundation as this allows you to get into all the small crevices on your face.

Applying the drops as part of your nighttime skincare routine is the perfect chance, as the tan is able to develop as you sleep. And don’t worry, there will be no orange pillows and bed sheets!

Our Review of the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops


1. Vegan, cruelty free and organic

Who doesn’t love purchasing amazing products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free?! It’s amazing that more brands shifting to fully organic products to make us look great and feel great using them.

2. Shade range

The tanning drops come in different 3 options; light, medium and dark. However, you can control the depth and achieve 12+ shades depending on how many drops you add. We love that it is super versatile, meaning you can use these drops year round to match your skin tone, whether it is a natural tan during summer or your favourite fake tan for your body.

3. Hypoallergenic

Great for sensitive skin, you don’t need to worry how the drops will affect your skincare. This is because they are made with active ingredients at the perfect pH level. These tanning drops are paraben, sulphate and phthalates free so you won’t be putting any nasties on your face.

4. Hydrating ingredients

Infused with coconut, avocado and chia seed oil, these ingredients provide intense hydration and nourishment to the skin. As a result, leaving your skin looking insanely healthy. The benefit to the additional hydration from your moisturiser means that your tan will last for days, even when you are washing your face day and night.

5. Natural glow

Many of us know the horrors of waking up after trying a new tan, only to notice that we are looking a little too orange for our liking. The drops do quite the opposite. The colour and smell is so natural, giving you an effortless glow that will make you feel confident in your skin.

6. Sustainable and recyclable

All products are fully recyclable, so once you finish off your drops you are able to rinse out the bottle and recycle it. This just adds to the perfect, aesthetically pleasing packaging. As well as this, Isle of Paradise saves 81% of plastic through eco-refills!

7. Travel friendly

The drops come in a cute little bottle, similarly to a face serum. This is perfect for when you are travelling with only a small amount of space in your bag. And because of the shade versatility, as you continue getting your glow on, your colour can be customised exactly to you!


1. Clear drops

Before you get the hang of using the drops, it can be difficult to see if the product has been applied evenly so it is a bit of a guessing game. This is why I like to use a brush or beauty blender because it gives me confidence that I’ve spread the product evenly. However, once you use the product a few times, this becomes easier to manage.

2. Experimenting with shades

Although the shade range is a pro, it can also be a con when you aren’t exactly sure how many drops to add. The drops won’t make you orange, but if you add too many, you may not be matching the rest of your body. As a suggestion, it’s best to start off minimal and work your way up from there to see what works best for you.

Final Thoughts on the Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

Overall: 4/5 stars

While the initial stages of using the product can be tricky, these cons are super manageable once you find out what suits your own skin type and desires for the depth of tan. We love that we don’t need to use the sun and use harmful methods to get the glow our skin deserves.

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops Alternatives

Face Tan Water

Bali Body

This facial tan is full on skin-loving ingredients that will leave you face with a natural and healthy glow. Either applied as a toner, or adding a few drops into your moisturiser, the tan will develop over 4-6 hours. While also providing additional hydration to the face, we love that it is infused with anti-aging ingredients and suitable to all skin types.

Face Tan Water

Eco Tan

Infused with hyaluronic acid, this tanning water that is similar to a toner gives a hydrated glow to the skin, leaving it feeling so soft. The tanning water also has anti-acne ingredients so it can prevent breakouts on the skin, no matter your skin type. Using your fingers to spread evenly over the skin, the tan has no synthetic dyes so doesn’t stain your hands.

Tanning Drops

Tuscan Tan

This tan is another great option if you love adding a drop of summer into your moisturiser. The formula is designed specifically for your skincare routine, so doesn’t clog the pores or cause irritation to the skin. Much like Isle of Paradise’s tanning drops, the colour of the Tuncan Tan Tanning Drops are completely customisable to your skin tone.

Have you tried Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops? What was your review? Let us know!

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