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How To Achieve A Natural “No Makeup” Makeup Look

The step by step guide to natural makeup you never knew you needed

How To Achieve A Natural “No Makeup” Makeup Look


Makeup trends are always come and go, but one look that will always be a go-to is a natural makeup look.

The casual everyday style of a “no makeup” makeup look may seem like a piece of cake. But it’s easy to go OTT or perhaps you left out one thing that then leaves you looking bare in an area.

Not to worry because we have all the tips and tricks to help you create a natural effortless look.

What is the “No Makeup” Makeup Look?

Lucky for majority of us, the art of this look is doing the bare minimum! This means minimal products, minimal time, and longer sleep ins (hooray)!

The focus is shifted to the steps in the application process, rather than trying to cover up “imperfections”. Not only this, but it aims to enhance those different features on your face to show your natural beauty.

The “no makeup” makeup look all starts with skincare. When our skin is prepared well we are able to create the illusion of glass skin. The aim of the ‘no makeup look’ is for it to look poreless and dewy, while ultimately looking like real skin.

Skincare Tips for a Strong Natural Base

A natural glow doesn’t come with foundation, bronzer and highlighter. That is why skincare is so important to achieve a good natural base. Hydration is key in achieving a dewy, healthy look so this must all be done before applying any makeup.

1. Start with washing your face

Using a gentle cleanser will help to clear the skin of any build up so that products are going onto fresh skin.

2. If skin is looking dry, exfoliate

Dead skin cells don’t go well with makeup. If your skin if feeling dull, exfoliating 1-2 times per week will help.

3. Getting that glow with hydration

Whether you choose hyaluronic acid or your favourite face mask infused with hydrating agents, this is key in getting a fresh glow. We love getting our face mask on once a week.

4. Daily Moisturising!

The most important step! Lock in all those hydrating agents with a daily moisturiser so that your skin will be ready for any day.

Step 1: Light coverage

For your base, steer clear of a heavy foundation, and opt for a tinted moisturiser, BB cream or CC cream. And for those blessed with already clear skin, you can even skip this step for an even lighter look.

These types of products will still give hydration and minimal coverage, while still showing freckles and other features.

In order to keep this natural, we suggest applying with a damp beauty blender as this will allow for a super dewy look.

Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser


With over 20 shades, you are sure to find the perfect match, whether that be for your natural colour or fake tan. This tinted moisturiser evens out the skin tone, while providing a hydrated, natural and dewy finish.



Step 2: Concealer

In a full glam look, we are told to apply concealer to all the high points of our face to highlight those areas. However, when attempting natural makeup, this isn’t necessary as it can quickly add too much coverage.

Instead, try applying concealer only over any pimples or dark spots you wish to hide.

To blend, pat your fingers over the area until it melts into your skin. If you have oily skin, you can always lightly dust some translucent powder over the concealed areas.

Stretch Concealer


For concealer, Glossier’s Stretch Concealer is perfect as it melts into your skin due to the elastic micro waxes. This allows the concealer to easily blend into your skin rather than caking it on top of it. The finish is completely natural while still covering up redness and blemishes.



Step 3: All Things Cream

Cream will always give you a more natural look than powders. It is the key to nailing the “no makeup” makeup look.

To shape and give warmth to your face, lightly dab cream bronzer to the outer places of your face. If you’re a sucker for eyeshadow (like us), you can lightly add some bronzer all over your eyelid.

For some cuteness and flirtiness, add cream blush to your cheeks. Lastly, brighten up with a cream highlighter or illuminator. Brushes are often easier to blend with, however again, to keep the look more natural, try using your sponges.

Off Duty Sticks

Mecca Max

The Mecca Max Off Duty Sticks are a great combo for your blush, bronzer and glowing needs. Offering a contour, blush and glow stick, these products help to shape and sculpt your face, while still looking like real skin. Mecca describes their sticks as a “no-makeup-makeup” look, meaning it’s perfect for this routine.



Step 4: Building Your Brows

Quite possibly the best thing about a natural no makeup look is not having to spend too long on getting those brows looking perfect.

Just brush them up with some brow gel with fibres. This will make your eyebrows still look full, without having to fill them in.

Just make sure you are using a brow gel that matches with your natural colour so that they aren’t too harsh against the rest of your features.

Arch Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel


For a tinted brow gel, Hourglass’s Arch Brow Volumizing Fibre Gel will help to lift the brows and hold them in place all day. In a single swipe, this product achieves a natural untamed look, that gives the brows a fuller shape. Both sides of the brush have different lengths, meaning that it’s super buildable so you can use it for a natural or glam look.



Step 5: Lashes

For those lovely lashes, the key is an eyelash curler. This means they will already look lifted before any product goes on.

Then when you do apply your mascara, you only need the slightest bit to make your eyes pop.

For a natural no makeup look, only apply mascara to the top lashes as this will help to open your eyes. Adding to bottom lashes can turn your look to a heavier, more dramatic one, which is not what we’re after in this look

iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash Curler


Many eyelash curlers do the same job, so for something a bit different, try a heated curler. The heat allows the lashes to stay lifted for longer as it’s much stronger than your regular eyelash curler. Mirenesse iCurl Twin Heated Gold Lash Curler will pull those stubborn, straight lashed up to give you a naturally flirty look.


Step 6: Lips

To keep our lips looking natural in our no makeup look we want to avoid super glossy, shiny or crazy lip colours. Go for nudes or shades that match your natural lip colour. The idea here is just to shape and fill out the lips.

We think a tinted lip gloss is the perfect solution to not only hydrate but add a dash of colour to our lips.

Lip Gloss


Another Glossier product, but they are amazing for a natural look. Their Lip Gloss gives a plumpy and glassy finish that lasts all day. Infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E, your lips will feel moisturised for hours on end. The gloss comes in a clear shade, as well as 3 tinted colours to brighten up your look.



Step 7: Lock Your ‘No-Makeup’ Look In

Instead of setting with powder, lightly spray over your face with your fav setting spray so that everything is stuck in place.

This is going to give you extra hydration and a glowy finish. After this, you are all done!

Continuous Setting Mist


A favourite of ours is the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist. Infused with vitamin E, B5 and fruit extracts, the spray gives a lovely radiant glow. The best part about it is the controlled application, because the nozzle gives a continuous spray. Your makeup is sure to stay on all day with this one!



Techniques to Enhance Your Natural No Makeup Look

Because the aim is to enhance your own natural beauty, it’s important that you know what products work for you. Although minimal products are used in this type of makeup look, what you apply to your face can make or break the look. Therefore, the key to succeeding with this look is to use products that look good on your skin, not what is trending.

To lead on from this, you need to know how to distribute those products onto your face shape. Yes, bronzer, blush and highlighter are all applied to the cheeks, but knowing where your cheekbones sit will help you to put these products in the right places. Similarly with concealer, rather than laying it up under your eyes which draws attention to your cheeks, try to lift your eyes by placing concealer on both corners underneath your eyes. This will still cover up darkness and redness around your eyes, but also will lift your face, giving a healthier glow.

Less is more. When doing a “no makeup” makeup look, be careful of how much product you are applying. It is easy to accidentally add too much bronzer and turn your look from a natural, daytime look, to a night look, within seconds. So our best tip is to start with minimal product application, because you can always build up if you feel the need. But it’s hard to tone it down once the product is applied.

Have you tried doing a natural ‘no-makeup’ look before? What are your best tips to achieve this? Let us know!

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