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A Guide To The Best Foundation Makeup For Travel (Updated for 2023)

Be camera ready wherever and whenever you're travelling with our ultimate foundation guide for travel

A Guide To The Best Foundation Makeup For Travel (Updated for 2023)

Stick Travel Foundation

On the hunt for the ultimate foundation travel buddy for this year’s getaway and not sure which is the best one to take on your journeys?

Sure, you might have a favourite go-to foundation at home, but it just might not cut it if you’re after something that’s going to look after your skin the right way, on your next vacay.

When it comes to travelling, there’s a whole lot more to think about when choosing the best foundations for travel. Whether you’re jetting off to a remote paradise island or backpacking with your besties, your skin just got a whole lot more needy.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in this guide. We go through the 5 main skin issues that occur when travelling and their respective holy grail products that will save you from them.

Whether it’s sun exposure, humidity, dryness, busy activities or time, we got you covered (literally) with the best foundations suited for travel. All contained in travel-friendly packaging, you needn’t worry about any messy carry-on disasters (giving us flashbacks of Friends’ Ross Geller’s ‘Shampoo-Related Emergency’).

Best Long Lasting Foundations For Travel

Travelling can be stressful enough without having to worry about topping up your make-up throughout the day. Do yourself a favour and dive into our special selection of sturdy foundations that just won’t budge! Don’t let humidity and heat get in your skin’s way of looking blemish-free, and opt for a foundation that’ll last you through the day’s busy activities. Here’s our favourite long lasting foundations for travel below:

Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick


Considered a ‘holy grail’ foundation, plenty of make up moguls have praised this little travel gem for its smooth application and holiday-friendly attributes. Cities and rural areas alike can be extremely humid in the heat but this foundation will keep your skins oils at bay with its 12 hour waterproof protection and instantaneous full coverage.

With the solid stick formula, you needn’t worry about the product separating or spilling – a must have if you’re an avid traveller.



Infallible Matte Foundation


This non-cakey longwear travel foundation is uncompromising in its efforts to keep your skin hydrated throughout your travels whilst still maintaining a flawless complexion.

Powered by perlite technology that works with your skin by absorbing excess moisture from humidity and sweat. Now you can say goodbye to that oily T-zone and hello to gorgeous camera ready skin.

The light & small packaging also means more souvenirs to take home!



Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverate Foundation


This heavy-duty foundation will be your best friend throughout your holiday, with its sturdy ingredients not only concealing your skin but soothing it too.

Being full of replenishing goodies like Vitamin E and soothing Amazonian clay, your skin will stay smudge-proof your whole holiday whilst being taken care of at the same time. Plus, with Tarte’s signature 12-hour power, topping up your foundation will be the last thing on your mind!



Best Waterproof Foundations For Travel

Chasing waterfalls on your travels? You shouldn’t have to compromise on your beauty routine to suit your wet n’ wild activities. There are plenty of foundations built exactly for a fun-filled day out, whether you’re island-hopping or deepsea diving, you’ll be sorted with these next few waterproof foundations perfect for your travels.

Studio Radiance Waterproof Radiant Sheer Foundation


Ensuring it will last you ‘through rain or tears’, this oil-free foundation promises to last for 8 hours, making it perfectly suited for travel. Whether you’re partying till the early morning or out on an all-day boat trip, this foundation will provide that well-needed hydration throughout your activities.

Great for those with oily skin, this foundation is transfer resistant and comes in a travel friendly, glass-free compact packaging.



Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation


Clinique’s waterproof travel foundation that doubles up as a concealer will protect you from any harsh humidity, heat or weather that comes your way, so let it pour!

Claiming to conceal anything from minor blemishes to tattoos, this foundation is great for travel and will leave your skin looking radiant with and will also protect your skin on your daily adventures with SPF 20.



Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation


This fade-resistant longwear foundation by NARS is the perfect travel solution for long days adventuring and partying.

The waterproof formula will last you up to 16 hours, so enjoy those foam parties with confidence with a glowy, sun-kissed complexion. Transfer and sweat resistant too so you’ll know your face beat wont go anywhere you don’t want it to.

$50 USD


Best SPF Foundations For Travel

For all our beach babes out there, the sun is going to be your best friend and worst enemy. We all know that holiday mode often means getting some sun and colour into your skin but we also need to protect ourselves from incredibly harmful UV rays at the same time.

UVB rays play a major role in burning your skin and causing cancers, while UVA rays causes premature ageing and wrinkles – both of which are holiday no-no’s. SPF foundations are great for adding that little extra layer of protection on top of your usual sunscreen or opt to use a travel foundation with high SPF to combine two products into one.

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50

IT Cosmetics

This pocket-sized colour correcting cream is any travellers dream. Being our highest SPF foundation, this doubles (and triples, and quadruples) up as a hydrating serum, foundation, concealer, moisturizer and primer, all in one.

With skin-friendly ingredients such as niacin which promotes skin elasticity and peptides that help reduce wrinkles, this foundation is a no brainer for your travels! 



Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40


A traveller’s favourite due to this product having so many qualities, this medium-coverage travel friendly serum foundation by Ilia is perfect for sun lovers who are searching for an anti-ageing concoction in their foundation. Containing Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide, it helps to hydrate the skin as well as reduce the appearance of pores.

With zero added fragrance this is also suitable for sensitive skin types and this serum like formula glides on effortlessly & lasts all day, making it a perfect foundation for travel.

$48 USD


Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30

Milk Makeup

A foundation that prides itself on its high SPF is perfect for travelling if you’re after more dewy, radiant skin with tons of delicious (but not edible, unfortunately) and nourishing ingredients.

It even has a self-applicating roller, which not only allows for on-the-go application, but also reduces your need for a blending product such as a brush or sponge – more room in your carry-on, yay! This avocado, manadrin and grape seed-infused vegan foundation is perfect for you active travellers out there who often find themselves in a rush.

$42 USD


Best Hydrating Foundations For Travel

It goes without saying that your skin is gonna need a lil’ extra TLC on your travels. This is especially the case way back to the beginning of your journey when you first get on your plane.

Other than the obvious dry and arid climates of your destination, your skin really does suffer before you even land due to the air conditioning in your cabin.

To retain that moisture and give your skin back its lustre while keeping it looking blemish free, check out our top hydrating foundations perfect for travelling this season.

Luminuous Silk Foundation Travel Size

Giorgio Armani Beauty

The award winning Luminous Silk now comes in a nifty little travel size. A lightweight foundation that’s buildable and breathable. A great option for anyone wanting natural coverage with a weightless feel.

This oil free foundation is so easy to apply on the go, and the travel size format means you can carry it with you in your carry on with no problems. Touch up before you land for a flawless entry to your destination.



Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation


The name says it all – fresh, dewy, hydrating and full coverage, what more could you want in a hydrating travel foundation serum hybrid? Jam packed with all the good stuff, from Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin – to vitamin C, which helps to brighten and even complexion. SPF 20 also helps to protect your skin whilst you’re out on your daily adventures.



Stay Naked Hydromaniac Tinted Moisturiser


Urban Decay’s top priority in this sheer foundation is protection and nourishment, so it’s safe to say this was a foundation made for travelling. With a hydrating cocktail of peptides, vitamins and other juicy ingredients like marula oil, you can be sure to retain your skin’s moisture and even increase its plumpness throughout your journey.



Tinted Moisturisers For Travel

Often your skin can feel incredibly heavy and clogged up with the build up of products and oils, and sometimes foundation just doesn’t feel like the right fit.

If you’re after a sun-kissed complexion without the the heaviness of make up, and want to keep your skin hydrated at the same time, a tinted moisturiser could be the perfect fit for you.

Combining nourishment and lightweight coverage that won’t feel cakey on your skin they are a great travel alternative to foundation and still keep you looking gorgeous! Acting as two products in one, if you’re saving on space, they are a great option for travelling with.

Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

Bare Minerals

This paraben-free Bare Minerals gel cream will give your skin a sheer and airbrushed cover of colour while keeping your face moisturised all day long.

Arid climates won’t tire your skin out as the cream’s hydrating marine botanicals & titanium dioxide will quench your complexion’s thirst and keep it naturally radiant. With it’s high SPF 30, your skin will not only be effortlessly blemish-free, but also fully protected from the sun!



Ginzing Energy-Boosting Tinted Moisturizer


A tinted moisturiser for all skin types, energising and rejuvenating cream is full of antioxidants that will keep any unwanted impurities from crowded cities at bay.

To resurface and renew your skin, chestnut seed extract works hard to refresh your skin’s surface and prevent build up of environmental dirt, all while covering any blemishes and protecting you from the sun with a high SPF.



Unisex Healthy Glow

Charlotte Tilbury

This luxurious moisturiser will give your skin back its lustre with that much-needed hydration lost during the heat of the sun. It will also get it back on track with a fabulous sunny faux-tan with warm-toned tanning pigments, without the worry of getting it from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Treat yourself to this magical cream that Charlotte herself promises will give your skin a new-found brightness.



Whether you’re cruising the coast or hostel hopping, there’s a lot to consider make-up wise when you’re travelling. We hope our guide has helped you navigate which foundation you’ll be partnering up with on your travels

Have you tried any of these foundations whilst travelling?

Let us know if have or if you know of an amazing travel foundation you’ve been using! We’d love to hear your suggestions.

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