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The Best Cream Blushes For Your Cheeks, Eyes & Lips

From multi-use to statement tones, these are our top cream blushes

The Best Cream Blushes For Your Cheeks, Eyes & Lips


Blush is all about emotion. Pink hues give a feminine feel, and red tones work to create a sultry vibe. A super versatile product that can achieve a list of different looks and right now, cream blush is our go-to because of it’s great multi-use ability.

Powder blushes require tools, can be fiddly or technical and are best on cheeks. Cream blush is so exciting because of it’s easy application, multi-usability, and travel-friendly formula.

Say goodbye to no smashed & loose palettes here!

How To Use Cream Blush

Use just your fingers to blend cream blush into skin. For a hint of colour, swipe small amounts across the apple of your cheeks or the centre of your lips. For a striking look, dot a good amount of product along the top of your cheek and up towards your temples.

What Cream Blush Colour Should I Pick According to my Skintone?

The wide range of cream blush makes it an accessible product for all skin tones and types.

  • Dark skin tones work best with deeper pigments. When picking tones for darker skin, opt for terracottas or deeper reds, like our picks from Noto and Fenty below. There are also a huge range of bronzing creams out there. Try Fenty’s cream bronzers for a broad range of darker tones.
  • Medium toned skin is well complemented by moodier hues (like Glossier’s cloud paint in haze below). Deep, rich pinks and reds will blend better into mid-range skin tones.
  • For light skin tones, opt for dusty shades like the cream from Stila below. If you’re using a bright colour, dab smaller amounts with your finger and blend well into the apples and arches of your cheeks.

Ingredients To Look Out For in Cream Blushes

Because of its formula, cream blush blends best into our skin if it includes moisturising ingredients. Without them the product will struggle to blend into your skin.

Look for ingredients like caster seed oil, lanolin and rosehip seed oil in your cream blush, to ensure that the product is doing the most it can.

Multi-Use Cream Blushes

These blushes aren’t just for cheeks – use them as a lipstain and liquid eyeshadow too. Right now, we’re loving using single tones all-over for a monochromatic, statement look.

ONO ONO Multi-Benne Stain Pot


Noto is a brand on a mission. The LA based beauty and skincare label is sustainable and gender-neutral, and all products are made using vegan, cruelty-free and fair trade certified ingredients. The peachy terracotta ONO–ONO colour works to give a romantic, sunbathed appearance.

Blend into the apples of your cheeks, across eyelids and all over lips, and order a spritz.



Cloud Paint Seamless Cheek Color in Haze


Picture this: You’re out at a market and someone stops to give you a compliment. Your cheeks flush for a moment. Glossier’s ‘Haze’ is that kind of flushed, but long-lasting. The deep fuschia colour is great for all skin tones.

Use day or night – we suggest pairing it with clear gloss on lips and spreading broadly over cheeks. A little bit dotted across eyelids will elevate the look to a more sultry vibe.



The Multiple in Portofino


NARS calls this cream blush ‘the multiple’ for its handiness in sculpting and highlighting across the face.

Portofino is a warm coral tone, and we love it because of the added shimmer. The texture also dries as cream to powder, so if you’re going out, know that you’ll shimmer, not shine.



Travel Friendly Cream Blushes

These blushes are purse-sized perfection, and all contain compact mirrors to boot. Bring these on your trips for quick washes of colour whenever you need.

Natural Lip Oil / Balm #2 Tint


Okay, so this is technically a lip oil. But this tint from Melbourne-based beauty brand Fluff definitely earns its spot. Fluff lip oil #2 has a slight wash of rosy colour for a dewy, translucent look. We’re also won over by their gorgeous, refillable packaging, which doubles as a mirror! Use it as a rosy wash of shine for dewy skin.



Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush


R is for red, and also Rihanna. Her cream blushes are buildable, natural, and celebratory. This Daiquiri Dip tone is great for exactly that – celebrating.

The compact size and inbuilt mirror makes it a great go-to for travelling.



Convertible Colour in Gerbera


Compact and cute, Stila’s cream blush in gerbera is for lovers of no-makeup makeup. The colour blends into skin as a translucent glow with warm undertones for a sunkissed feel.

Key ingredients include castor seed oil and lanolin, which work to moisturise skin. Stila’s Convertible Colour includes a compact mirror.



Bronzing Cream Blushes

Cream blushes aren’t just for blush. Hot tip: if you prefer dewy contour over matte use a cream bronzer instead of a powder.

Nudies Bronze in Bondi Bae


Nudestix are leaders when it comes to colour range. The Bondi Bae cream from their Nudies Bronze range achieves a medium golden brown tone.

It also comes with a detachable blending brush to perfect your contour.



Color + Light: Creme Blush & Highlighter in Tropic Equinox


This cream palette is both a bronzer and a highlighter. Layer and build the two creams for a dewy, sunbaked look.

Kosas have also included marula oil and rosehip seed oil, so that moisturised look will also come from within.



Face + Lip Tint in Kinky


Urban Decay’s cream tints are vegan and packed with moisturising ingredients. The light dusty nude colour is the most subtle in our list, making it perfect for daytime wear.

Plus did we mention it’s vegan and cruelty free?



Makeup is meant to be fun. It’s also meant to enhance and champion our natural beauty. Cream blush does both.

It’s the perfect day-to-night transition makeup and needs nothing more than a finger for perfect application. So go for it – we think it’s here to stay.

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