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Best Travel Friendly Perfumes For The Girl On The Go

From rollerballs to solid perfumes, we have the lowdown on the best travel friendly perfumes

Best Travel Friendly Perfumes For The Girl On The Go

Travel Friendly Perfumes

Whether you’re heading out for a busy workday or an exotic location, you’ll want to have the perfect fragrance in a travel perfume size with you to feel fresh and energised as you’re jet setting around the globe.

Travelling with your favourite perfume can be a stressful experience since so many of our signature scents are housed in beautiful but fragile glass bottles, but finding a memorable perfume that will survive your handbag or your suitcase is definitely not as hard as it sounds. No matter where you’re heading, we’ve compiled the best travel friendly perfumes to keep you smelling fresh and fierce!

1. Travel Pefume Sprays

For those ladies who have already found a signature scent or are eternally loyal to their favourite brand, you are in luck! Travel perfume sprays are a standard for most perfume brands, and are easy to get your hands on. If you’re a diehard fan of fragrances from Chanel, Byredo and Jo Malone, you’ll almost certainly be able to find your favourite scent in travel spray form.

Travel sprays are generally just a petite version of the full sized fragrance, meaning they can easily be slipped into a handbag or lugged around the world in a suitcase. Because many of them are around 10-30mL, you could even pack a few of these babies for your travels!

The biggest downside of travel sprays is the glass packaging, which can be a stressful prospect to travel with. If you’re heading overseas, try wrapping your travel perfume spray in between a scarf (handbag) or towel (check-in). 

Alternatively, some brands such as Floral Street and Juliette Has a Gun have tiny 1-2mL sprays in their discovery kits. These kits have the added bonus of allowing you to really personalise your daily fragrance, since you’ll have a bunch of scents to choose from!

Cleopatra EDP


Tocca’s feminine floral scents have earned them a cult following & many of their perfumes are also available in travel-friendly sizes.

Our favourite?

The head-turning Cleopatra, which will have you feeling like a true queen from Egypt to Rome! Grapefruit and cucumber take centre stage here, followed by the sweetness of peach nectar, jasmine, and vanilla musk.



Brazilian Crush Body Fragrance Mist

Sol De Janeiro

Sol De Janeiro’s sexy tropical fragrances will whisk your senses away to Brazil! Studded with warm pistachio & salted caramel scents, this will keep you smelling deliciuos on the beach from sunrise to sunset.

No need to be precise with this mist, spray all over yourself for immediate effect, that’s why this is the ultimate travel fragrance mist companion.



Wonderland Peony EDP

Floral Street

Whether or not you’re actually heading to the UK, Floral Street will have you feeling like a true London girl with their fruity & floral Wonderland Peony scent.Featuring a flirty blend of peonies with darker cedarwood undertones, the fragrance has the added bonus of being completely vegan.

Floral Street also have a discovery set of eight 1.5mL floral fragrances that’s also perfect for travel!



Discory Box Fragrance Set

Juliette Has a Gun

The Juliette Has a Gun Discovery Kit is designed to give you a range of confident, sexy and feminine scents. It contains seven mini sprays, plus a larger 4mL bottle of “Not A Perfume”, a minimalist and clean fragrance that is hypoallergenic & ideal for those who don’t normally wear perfume.

Take one or take all to match each scent with your destination.


1.7mlx7, 4mlx1

2. Travel Perfume Rollerballs

The little sister to sprays,  travel perfume rollerballs are equally as popular for all the big brands, and are another simple solution to taking your favourite scent on the road. Instead of spritzing, roller balls are applied directly to the skin, so your choice of spray or roller really comes down to personal preference. 

Roller balls are a fantastic option if you like to keep applying your perfume through the day, given the fast and fuss-free “dab and go” application style. 

Just like sprays, travel rollerball perfumes generally come in a 10mL bottle. You’ll also find some interesting oils and balms in a rollerball form, which are particularly great if you’re sensitive to the typical alcohol-based formula.

Amber Musk Rollerball


Need a freshen up? Or perhaps you’re feeling that ache of homesickness? Aerin has you covered with their Amber Musk Rollerball, guaranteed to have you feeling fresh and warm.

Reminiscent of a cozy blanket on a cold night, Amber Musk is a warm, inviting scent you want to wrap yourself in, blending distinctive amber and creamy musk with a burst of coconut water and florals.



Dark Rum Perfume Oil


Best known for their skincare range, MALIN+GOETZ specialises in natural, botanical-based products. Their Dark Rum Perfume Oil is a concoction of sweetness and spice, capturing that intoxicating aroma of dark rum.

Perfect for warm nights, this seductive unisex scent is a full-bodied blend of leather, rum and vanilla, with bursts of bergamot and plum. Roll it on, and grab a cocktail!



Santal 33 Liquid Balm

Le Labo

Le Labo’s woody unisex scent Santal 33 will be there for you in the most exotic locations, evoking the comfort of worn leather, with the expansiveness of a desert landscape. With notes of iris, spice and violet, this liquid balm will easily tuck into your handbag.

For those with sensitive skin, this comforting fragrance is also alcohol free and perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin.



Cocoa Woods EDP


Every one of Nest’s bright and bold scents come in a rollerball, with stunning bottles inspired by British artist Mary Delaney. Cocoa Woods is one of their must haves, featuring the essence of bittersweet cocoa wrapped in sequoia wood and white sandalwood, and blended with hints of tiare blossom and Thai ginger.

Pop it in your bag & take the tropics wherever you go!



3. Best Solid Perfumes For Travel

If the mere thought of carrying around liquids or glass bottles gives you anxiety, this next one is for you! Solid perfumes are absolutely ideal for travel – there is no chance of spillage, they’re a perfect fit for your handbag or carry on, and there’s no need to worry about liquid limits if you’re on a flight.

All you need is a quick swipe with your fingers to appply. Scents are often slightly lighter & stay close to the skin & ideal if you’re not after something intense, perfect for the plane or bus when you don’t want the guy 3 seats away smelling your perfume. Experiment with the best solid perfumes for travel that we’ve currated, and you might just find a new travel favourite!

Philosykos Solid Perfume


In classic Diptyque style, this perfume is housed in a gorgeous black case, meaning you can touch up your fragrance throughout your travels with style.

Captured in this solid is the Philosykos scent, featuring notes of fig, coriander, pepper, blackcurrant, and cedar. A trail of scent is lightly released through the day, lingering like a fragrant second skin.



Vanillery Solid Perfume


Lush has a great range of solid perfumes that are perfect for travel, all of them made of natural ingredients. Vanillery is a classic sweet blend of vanilla, tonka and a hint of jasmine, making for a delectable caramel perfume.

This fragrance comes in a small jar that will slot in neatly into your purse, and makes for easy application throughout the day.



Rain Day Parfum Stick

Derek Lam

A perfect blend of floral woody scents. This perfume stick is the ultimate travel companion with no chance of perfume leaks. This scent lasts a long time, has a lovely texture that blends seamlessly into the skin.

Light and refreshing, this travel fragrance stick will remind you of sunny tropical rainfalls.



4. Travel Perfume Brush

As much as we love the classic spray perfumes, could there be anything more fun than painting on your favourite scent?

Byredo and Alien are among the brands introducing us to chic and travel perfume brushes, meaning you can keep applying your scent all day without hassle. The brushes work perfectly as on-the-go top ups, or as a subtle scent that sits close to the skin.

Alien Perfuming Brush


With it’s sensual and intriguing scent, Mugler’s warm and floral Alien fragrance has been a hit since it’s release, and is now ready to be slipped into your bag in the form of a perfume brush that’s perfect for travel!

This tiny brush is filled with a colorless gel that you can apply wherever you need on the body. And who doesn’t love a stunning pop of bright purple peeking out from your purse!



Gypsy Water


Captured in a compact, retractable kabuki brush, Byredo has extracted some of its bestselling scents into a micro-fine powder form, designed for easy application on the go.

No need to carry around a heavy or delicate bottle here, this travel friendly perfume brush will leave an ultra-subtle scent on your skin, ideal for those who are looking for a delicate fragrance.



5. Travel Size Perfume Atomizer

Ladies, we get it…

Sometimes, when you’re onto a good thing, there’s just no replacement.

If you’ve found your signature scent and can’t bear the thought of being disloyal, travel perfume atomisers are here to make sure you can take it with you wherever you go. These mini travel sprays are refillable with whichever scent you choose, and they come in a huge range of colours, sizes and price points to suit everyone.

Universal Bullet Empty Purse Spray

Juliette Has A Gun

This 30mL, travel sized perfume bottle is refillable with any fragrance, and will look super stylish in your bag! It has an included funnel so you can carefully your favourite full size perfume into this portable spray.

It’s solid exterior will hold up any bumpy rides you have on your travels.



Travalo Atomiser


If you constantly find yourself running out of time, this one is for you…

Travalo’s pretty little number is specifically designed to be filled in seconds. Its clear window means you can check how full your travel perfume atomiser is, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of your favourite scent while travelling.



Never worry about transporting your beloved full bottle glass perfumes again adding that extra spice to your trip is now so simple.

With a plethora of choices from travel perfume sprays, rollerballs and solid perfumes, there’s no reason you can’t smell amazing everywhere you go.

Pack one (or all!) of these petite scents, and dive into your next adventure!
Which travel perfume type do you travel with? Let us know what your favourites are!

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