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The Travelista – Travel Skincare

Nourish your adventures with the ultra hydrating skincare range by The Travelista

The Travelista – Travel Skincare

It’s safe to say that any kind of travel involving a flight can leave your skin feeling drained all of its moisture, leaving you looking and feeling dry, deflated and definitely not ready for any holiday snaps.

We speak from experience when we say that it usually takes a number of days to refresh our skin with travel cleansers and rehydrate our skin and brighten that dull complexion before we’re back on another moisture-sucking plane to our next destination. Not ideal.

Giuliana DeFelice, founder of new travel skincare brand The Travelista, felt the same way. After doing some research DeFelice discovered that air conditions in the cabin can be up to five times drier than in the desert, (we were shocked too), meaning that your skin’s moisture is constantly lost from the moment you take off until you land. Following this rather terrifying revelation, DeFelice embarked on a five year journey to create a luxury skincare brand, focused purely on hydration and skin maintenance whilst travelling.

The Travelista Facial Oils

DeFelice explains that the brand was born out of necessity as dehydration from travelling can have long term effects on the skin.

It can leave your skin feeling delicate and compromised for the entire trip, meaning thick sun creams, UV rays and pollution can have a more damaging effect than they usually would.

The Travelista arms you with every possible skincare product to protect your face and body from this in-flight dehydration and ensure your skin is glowing and nourished for the whole trip.

Using luxurious and carefully chosen ingredients, each product is specifically targets dehydration and shorten its lasting effects.

The Inspiration Behind Travelista

The range was inspired by DeFelice’s Italian heritage as well as other European influences. She was taught by an incredible botanical expert in Tuscany about the healing and hydrating properties of certain botanical as well as the miracle ingredient that is Rose Otto in France.

The carefully chosen ingredients aim to provide complete hydration and nourishment. The Hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting vitamins work to calm inflammation, help maintain the skin’s elasticity and re-balance oil production.

These ingredients focus primarily on the effects of dehydration on the plane. However, DeFelice explains that consistency is key when trying to keep your skin healthy.

By using The Travelista products daily whilst on holiday the antioxidants repair, strengthen and protect against changing climates and air pollution whilst you are away.

The Travelista Travel Kit

The Travelista Travel Essentials Range

Products from The Travelista range from $24-$82. They all include ethically sourced botanicals, oils and vitamins to ensure travellers skin stays glowing and always hydrated. For the ultimate travel companion you can also purchase all five products for $274 as part of The Essential Travel Kit

Nourishing Body Wash


Suitable for both face and body, this rich and soothing wash reduces inflammation and rejuvenates the skin after a flight.

The fresh citrus, cedarwood and added vitamin E nourishes the body leaving you feeling fresh and ready for a day of exploring.



Nutrient Rich Body Balm


This multi-functional balm offers intense and lasting hydration to your whole body, including your hands, feet, cuticles and even the ends of damaged beach hair. The balm soothes and offers protection from changing weather and heavy city pollution, keeping you covered wherever you’re jetting off to.



Conditioning Lip Balm


Formulated to combat those cracked, dry lips (especially on those darn long plane rides!) this lip balm delivers intense hydration in a non sticky formula.

Perfect to throw in your hand bag to keep your lips moisturised and supple on the go.



Omega + Facial Oil


Helping to hydrate and repair your skin post flight this facial oil restores moisture and combats damage caused by dehydration.

Perfect to use whilst flying, the oil promotes cell regeneration to help your skin recover quickly. Say hello to photo ready skin as soon as you step off the plane.



Jetset Antioxidant Boost


The recovery serum helps protect, nourish and brighten your skin throughout the entire journey. It packs all the essential skincare saviours into one tiny bottle; Vitamin B3 to protect against oxidative damage, Vitamin C to brighten and Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture. Apply throughout the flight and land with a more radiant complexion than when you left.



The Essentials Travel Kit

The Whole Package

Your skin is for life, so why not invest in it now.

For the regular traveller, for the one who understands how skincare makes all the difference. This ‘essentials kit’ containing all of The Travelista’s products (plus a cute weatherproof bag) is for you.


5 products + bag

We reached out to The Travelista founder to ask her some questions about skincare and The Travelista. With an Italian heritage, Sydney-based founder Giuliana De Felice splits her time between Australia and Italy.

Team Wander in Wonder:

What inspired or drove you to start The Travelista?

Giuliana De Felice:

Frequent long-haul travel wreaked havoc on my otherwise clear complexion, regardless of what I applied in-flight.

It was when discovered the skin-parching facts about air travel that I began researching botanical ingredients that would genuinely nourish the skin, despite the extremely drying conditions of the journey.

“My goal was to create a range that earned its place in the essential travel skincare kit, keeping skin healthy and protected from extreme environmental changes while away from home.”

It’s taken five years in research, development and testing across continents to bring a concise collection of hardworking products that quench, retain moisture and restore the holiday glow to travel stressed skin.

Team Wander in Wonder:

What’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about skincare?

Giuliana De Felice:

Hydration is the key to maintaining skin health while travelling.

Skin is under immense *stress when travelling and requires targeted care to restore moisture, combat oxidative damage and keep your healthy glow throughout your trip away.
All too often the harsh conditions of the actual trip can have a serious impact on your complexion, compromising the skins barrier function. The resulting dull, sallow skin, flaking and cracked lips, can last long after the flight, and sometimes take the entire trip to recover.

*The stressors of travel – exposure to air-conditioning, low humidity onboard the plane, shifting time zones and new climates on arrival. (have a look at our site section – ‘About the journey’)

When travelling, your skin requires additional nutrients from high performance formulations that deliver vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidant and anti-pollution protection. Our range is created from ‘skin identical’ oils and butters, selected for their ability to penetrate the skin immediately and work at a deeper level to genuinely rehydrate, brighten and revive devitalised skin.

Team Wander in Wonder:

Other than skincare products, how do you keep your skin clear and healthy on holiday?

Giuliana De Felice:

I believe in selecting quality over quantity every time and maintaining skin health is key to looking and feeling your best. So, for me it’s a healthy glow, a lick of mascara, a really good sunscreen and I’m off for a day exploring (Island, City, beach destination…). A swim or a walk on arrival to settle into my new surroundings, plenty of fresh local fruit and anti-inflammatory, pH balancing fresh juices and teas.

Team Wander in Wonder:

What’s next for The Travelista?

Giuliana De Felice:

Travel, always, we are constantly sourcing, exploring and formulating to nourish every adventure x

Unlike a lot of skincare brands, The Travelista focuses on respecting the planet. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, completely cruelty free and produced in small quality controlled batches to minimise waste. A company who respect both our skin and the planet, we love it!