Care For Your Skin Whilst Travelling With Girl Voyager

Skincare while travelling made easy with Girl Voyager.

Care For Your Skin Whilst Travelling With Girl Voyager


Travelling can be one of the most exciting and memorable times of our lives. But, we often forget about taking care of our skin when we travel, which leaves us with that dull, dehydrated feeling once were off the plane. Girl Voyager know this feeling all too well and provided a solution to our skin’s demands when flying.

Plus, how many times have you made a list of all the products you plan to take onboard, before realizing some of them are not under 100ml? Girl Voyager takes this stress away from you with their award winning travel size products, ready to give your skin the hydration boost it needs.

Who Is Girl Voyager & What Do They Do?

Girl Voyager extensively research and collaborate strong evidence on the ingredients best to combat dry skin. Their research is all about finding the safest and most effective way to heal travel skin. As an Australian brand, they searched all over the world for the best ingredients to hydrate, heal and provide anti-inflammatory properties.

But after searching far and wide, Girl Voyager discovered a key ingredient in our home town – Australian Botanicals – which has become one of the hero ingredients in their products.

Their formulas stray away from elements that may create an allergic or irritate the skin. As they want to support and cater to sensitive and extremely dry skin.

Once your skin barrier is comprised from damaging conditions, it’s hard to replenish and repair it. So, they created their products to be used before, during and after your flight to maintain hydrated skin throughout your whole travel journey.

What Do We Like About Girl Voyager?

1. Products created specifically for travel

Dry and dehumidifying climates suck moisture from your skin and can cause irritation and flaky skin, whether you’re 40,000 feet in the air or an overly air-conditioned hotel room. Girl Voyager formulated products to help combat these environmental aggressors, with the impact of environmental conditions in mind, to help protect and preserve skin from dehydrating climates.

Finding that perfect moisturiser, mask or oil to nourish your skin on a flight can be complicated, so Girl Voyager created all the products you need. They’ve created travel-size products for your face and body to ensure you stay comfortable and hydrated for your long-haul flight.

2. Nourishing Skincare Ingredients

Girl Voyager create their products with natural organic essences, oils and compounds. In addition, they also use peptides, ceramides, vitamins and amino acids to plump and hydrate the skin. The way these ingredients are formulated allow them to penetrate deeper in your skin, making them highly effective.

Above all, Girl Voyager avoids harsh irritants by sourcing products that are natural and wild-harvested. Girl Voyager do not believe in using toxic-preservatives and stabilisers, because these cause irritation and are not as effective on your skin. Overall, the brand use strong active ingredients that is backed by science, to strengthen your skin barrier. They formulate their products with ethically sourced and carefully selected ingredients that have been scientifically researched.

Their ingredients are impressive, and all sourced in Australia. A lot of their ingredients aims to improve hydration and inflammation. Additionally, other ingredients such as vitamins C, Aloe Vera and Tasmanian Mountain pepper Berry, help to soothe and brighten.

They’ve also formulated their own proprietary Derma36. Derma36 has 3D hydration which circulates through all skin layers for 36 hours. It helps create softer skin, because its constantly boosting natural moisturizing factors and retaining water reserves in your skin layers. Perfect for long haul flights!

Using these well-formulated products will keep your skin protected and thoroughly hydrated during and after your flight.

3. Vegan Formulations & Packaging

Girl Voyager products are all vegan and have found ingredient substitutes such as Japanese Wax and Shorea robusta as a vegan alternative for beeswax.

4. Cruelty Free

Girl Voyager’s do not test their products on animals.

Our Favourite Girl Voyager Travel Skincare Products

Girl Voyager‘s award-winning products are infused with natural organic ingredients. Specific products have been created to target specific skin problems.

To help you shop the products best suited to your needs they have created ‘a series’ of masks.

Their ‘Flight Survival Series,’ has several hydrating facemasks and anti-inflammatory masks which assist in preventing skin irritation during a long-haul flight.

Secondly, they have a ‘Hotel Room Survival Series,’ to help combat dry skin once you’ve arrived to your destination. The best part is, their prices start at $5!
Here are some of the best of the best:

36 Hour Rich Hydrating Moisturiser with Mountain Pepper Berry and Derma36*

For long-lasting hydration, this luxurious moisturizer will soothe inflamed skin and create a protective barrier against dry conditions.
With Aloe, Shea Butter Organic Oats, Hyaluronic Acid and Clary Sage, its perfect for sensitive, mature and dehydrated skin.



Long-Haul CLEAR Hydrating Mask – Flight Survival Series

This UK Beauty editor choice 2020 mask, is infused with scientifically proven hydrating and protective ingredients.
This mask will even out redness, create a barrier to prevent environmental pollutants, promote anti-aging and deeply hydrate.
With all natural vitamins and oils, your skin will be glowing during and after your flight.



Girl Voyager Facial Oil

This facial oil is another award winning product. It helps to control excess oil production and prevent break outs when flying. Its lightweight formula makes it great for layering under moisturizers, or can be worn alone. It’s packed with vitamin E, Mankua Oil and nut tree oil, which help to hydrate and heal.



Native River Mint Cooling Eye Oil

This cooling eye oil soothes and hydrates you under eye, preventing itchy, puffy and tired eyes. With a mixture of Australian Native River Mint and Kangaroos Flower, this product has a number of fatty acids and antioxidants to control inflamed skin.



Wild Agave Rich Lip Oil

Rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and K, throw this in your bag, and hydrate and defend your lips on the go with this lip oil. Its infused with Australian Macadamia which has Omega 7s and antioxidants which heal and lock in moisture, keeping away those unwanted cracked lips.



Australian Botanicals Masks Series

Have a look at the Australian Botanical facemask range as well. They pack each one with a range of different ingredients aiming to target your every skin need. From Vitamin C infused, to brighten and protect, to collagen production, these all natural masks will create and strong and hydrated skin barrier with ingredients that no other brand has delved into.



If you’re looking for a skincare brand that understands the needs of travellers, Girl Voyager is definitely worth checking out. Their products are specifically designed to meet the challenges of travelling and keeping your skin looking its best on the go.

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