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EyEnvy – The Natural Lash Brand Giving An Illusion Of Falsies

Substitute your monthly lash and brow appointments for a natural look with EyEnvy

EyEnvy – The Natural Lash Brand Giving An Illusion Of Falsies


From countless makeup products, to expensive treatments to make our eyelashes and eyebrows on fleek, it’s safe to say that we have tried it all to achieve a natural, yet perfect look. And let’s not even mention trying to find waterproof mascara that we can take away to our tropical holidays in the sun and sand. 

EyEnvy may have just solved all our problems with a few magical products that have incredible results. Offering a lash and brow growth conditioner, as well as makeup products that enhance the wonders that come from their serum, EyEnvy has changed the lash and brow game.

What is EyEnvy and what does it do?

Fulfilling all our wishes of long and luscious lashes, EyEnvy created a lash growth serum that can also be used on eyebrows to enhance the density. To our luck, they’ve come out with countless more products that help us feel better than ever. 

The lash growth serum is a natural way of growing eyelashes and eyebrows out to create a fuller look, without having to damage the hair growth from treatments such as eyelash extensions. After only using the product for 8 weeks, we saw massive changes to the length and thickness of our lashes, and by the time 12 weeks came around, that is a whole different story. The overall look has had so many people ask “WOW! Are those real?”. And that’s what we love about it, our natural lashes that look like they got a natural eyelash extension. The name genuinely speaks for itself as so many people now envy our lashes. 

The makeup that EyEnvy has now dropped just adds to that wow factor. BrowEnvy, a water resistant brow pencil, Dreamliner, an eyeliner offered in six different colours, and EyEnvy mascaras takes the look to a whole new level. It’s safe to say that it’s hard looking for new makeup products, but when these are specifically made to enhance the growth serum, we can’t say no. 

EyEnvy is only sold through spas and salons so that beauticians can sell to their customers to enhance the work that they already do on their clients. We think this is a great idea as it allows small and large businesses to trade exceptionally high quality products to reach a larger group of people.

How to use EyEnvy?

For the ladies who only spend 5 minutes on their morning routine, you’re in luck! Applying EyEnvy can easily fit into the morning routine everyday within a few seconds, after washing your face.

  1. Shake the bottle
  2. Wipe off the excess product by stroking the brush around the bottle 2-3 times
  3. Apply one layer to only the top of the eyelid, just as you would do with your eyeliner

And that’s all! Once it’s dry, makeup can be applied to the face as usual. 

When will results of EyEnvy start to show?

As like all products, results are different for everyone. For us, results began to show in as little as 4 weeks. However, it wasn’t until week 8-10 that the real deal began. Trust us, you’ll start to get strangers approach you asking “where did you get your lashes done”. After 12 weeks, the lashes are ultimately at full growth so to maintain the beautiful look, applying the product every second day is suggested. When you compare your before photos to your after photos, all we can say is WOW!

Enhancing your EyEnvy look

Not only is maintenance key, but also the products that you are using alongside EyEnvy is what will enhance your look further. Luckily EyEnvy has made it easy for us, offering multiple eye makeup products that pair super well with the conditioner due to their formula.

As well as makeup products, lash lifts and tints are also a great way to develop your look to the next level. Once the 12 weeks are over, you can get your lashes even darker and curlier with a lift and tint. We absolutely loved the way our lashes came up after this, especially in summer when makeup goes out the window. It brings the whole look together, while still looking natural.

The EyEnvy Collection

EyEnvy Define Mascara

Within only one coat, the mascara takes the lashes to a whole new level of cute and flirty. But let’s be honest, who only applies one layer of mascara? The thin wand allows the mascara to be applied to the whole lash, giving an even look. To make it better, it is water resistant so you can take it on all your holidays without having to worry about mascara running down your face.

EyEnvy Volume Fibre Mascara

If you love the dramatic lash look, this one’s for you. The EyEnvy Volume Fibre Mascara gives the effect of false lashes due to the added length and thickness that the fibres create. Your lashes will basically be touching your eyelids while wearing this mascara. But not to worry, it spreads the product evenly onto the individual lashes so will never look clumpy.


This fine tipped eyebrow pencil gives for the most precise brow. Because the tip is so thin, the pencil is super easy to use and control as it glides smoothly on the eyebrow. Just like all their makeup products, BrowEnvy is water resistant and smudge proof, so there will never be any mess. Speaking about mess, the pencil does not need to be sharpened, and has a spoolie on the opposite end, so it will always be ready to go.


Similar to the EyEnvy, Vitabrow’s formula helps to strengthen the eyebrow and eyelash hairs. Using the comb at night, Vitabrow complements the work that EyEnvy does, as well as maintains lash lifts and brow laminations.


This waterline eyeliner that has 6 beautiful shades to choose from helps to create the perfect tight-line due to an extremely thin tip. The Dreamliner helps to make your eyes pop, due to the shade range that will suit any colour eyes. Whether you are looking for a sharp line, or a smokey look, the Dreamliner can achieve both due to the formula.


For the ladies who love a big winged eyeliner, this is all yours. This precise, black liquid eyeliner creates the perfect line, as it glides along the skin making it incredibly easy to use. This helps to enhance a makeup look as the eyeliner is easy to control so can give any desired outcome.

Have you tried EyEnvy or any other eyelash serum brand?

We’d love to hear your favourites and if you’ve managed to grow your lashes naturally!

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